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Undoubtedly, industrialization and manufacturing led to economic growth and societal development. However, industrial and manufacturing processes led to the creation of by-products and waste materials which are harmful to our environment. Uncontrolled and poorly managed industrial waste can cause severe pollution to the air, water and soil. Climate change, the green house effect, health issues, contamination of soil and groundwater are the effects of industrial pollution.


Throughout the years, people are increasingly aware of the negative environmental impacts of improper industrial waste management. Nevertheless, managing industrial waste is always a challenge for all industries and the government. To mitigate the negative impact of waste, we would have to establish better practices and solutions in the managing of scheduled waste, wastewater and industrial emissions.


This 2-day technical event is designed to provide a better understanding on the implementation of market-oriented, and sustainable waste management systems. It also aims to provide cost-effective and environmentally sound waste management strategies, alongside related case studies, and an introduction to several new technologies. The topics will be addressed by the experts in the field of scheduled waste, wastewater and industrial emissions.

• Waste Management Managers & Contractors

• Environment Engineers & Officers

• Occupational Safety & Health Personnel

• Process Specialists & Engineers

• Government Officials

• Researchers

• Consultants & Contractors

• Policymakers

• Water Companies / Operator /


• Any personnel responsible for

Industrial Waste Management


• Discover strategic methods of minimizing industrial waste production.

• Grasping the best practices and concepts of waste management.

• Getting updates on new technological developments in the waste

management sector.

• Establishing a cost-effective structure to minimize waste.


1. “Resource Cycle Perspective - Waste Doesn't Exist”

by Mr. Khalid Mohd Ariff, Sekitar Synergy


2. “Advancement in Hot Gas Filtration for High Efficiency Dust Emission Control”

by Prof. Mohd. Rashid Mohd. Yusof, MJIIT, UTM


3. “Smart Technologies for Air Pollution Control and its Management in Selected Industrial Sector”

by Prof. Dr. Krishna M Agrawal, IISWBM, India


4. “Systematic Design for Waste Minimization”

by Prof. Ir. Dr. Dominic Foo, University of Nottingham Malaysia


5. “Chemical Health Risk Assessment for Hazardous Waste Worker”

by Ms. Marini Ghafar, Maha Bintang Consultancy


6. “Innovative Sustainable Approach and Technology Solutions for Wastewater Treatment”

by Dr. Ashim Kumar Bhattacharya, AWTEM, India


7. “Turn your wastewater into PROFIT”

by Mr. Rodrigo Haro, Nijhuis Industries Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


8. “Environmental Stewardship at SunPower”

by Ms. Merenna Mohamad, SunPower Malaysia.


9. “Optimized Industrial Effluent Treatment System (IETS) Performance & Troubleshooting”

by Mr. Donald Ong, Environmental Competency Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.


10. “Cleaner Production and Waste Minimization”

by Prof. Dr. Zainura Zainon Noor, IPASA, UTM


11. “Sustainable Energy Management in Biological Wastewater Treatment” by Mr. Zulhazmi Elias, Malaysia Water Institute

Download Full Brochure HERE

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