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First smart technology was implemented in Cornelis Drebbel's HVAC System. IDC Research reported 13 billion connected device in use & could expend to 30 billion in next 3 years

• Architectural Practitioner

• Building Designer

• Building Owners /

  Building Contractors /

  Building Services

• Building Solution Integrator

• Business Development & Planning

  (Developer & Real Estate Industry)

• Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

• Data Science / Machine Learning

• Energy Management

   Service Companies

• Engineering Practitioner

• Government

• Hospital Facility Personnel

• Hotel Practitioner

• Housing / Property Managers

• IOT/ Network/ Tele

  @Communication Consultant

  and provider

• Low Voltage

  Electrical Contractors

• Maintenance/ Facility Personnel

• Project Consultant

• Property Developers

• University/ Academician


IoT Across Asia Pacific continue to grow to build Smart Building & Smart City infrastructure. Memoori Research reported that emerging Asia is expected to be the fastest growing region for construction between now and 2025. The implementation of 5G technology a soon-to-be reality and an increase of low Earth orbit satellites, broadband IoT connectivity will be omnipresent.

Smart Buildings are for People – The Human Perspective”

by Prof. Sekhar KONDEPUDI Ph.D, IoT, Smart Buildings & Smart Cities Director, Masters in Environmental Management National University of Singapore.


Machine Learning & the Impact on Energy Reduction in Buildings

by Prof. Hans Weemaes, Managing Director, NEAPOLI


Smart Buildings & The Triple Bottom Line

by Gaurav Burman, President-APAC, 75F, India.


Case study on the Smart Building of the World*

by Bob Sharon, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Blue IoT


Where the Future is Going Towards Today’s Facilities Managers? – Challenges of Facilities Management for Smart Building

by Chris Choy Kok Seng, Co-Founder & MD, IOT Generalist FIFOYO


Data Driven Smart Infrastructure

by Sunil Kumar Yadav, Head, Building Performance and Sustainability (ASEAN)

Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Singapore


How IoT and Smart Touch Points are Empowering Today’s Smart Buildings

by Vishal Mani, Country Head, Spacewell, India.


Why “Smart Technologies” Do Not Lead to “Smart Buildings”? - Debunking the Smart Buildings Myth.

by Stephen Ho, General Manager Operational Intelligence, Oberix Group.


Fifth Generation (5G) Mobile Networks for Smart Building: Application & Challenges

by Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Rosdiadee Nordin, University Kebangsaan Malaysia


ASEAN Market Perspective of Smart Building Development in Next 3-5 Years

by Melvin Leong, Director Environment & Building Technologies Asia Pacific, Frost & Sullivan


Fourth Industrial Revolution: How Intelligent Machines Will Transform Everything We Know in a Building

by Ir. Dr. Tan Chee Fai, Chief Technical Officer, Robolab Technology Sdn. Bhd.


Chris Choy Kok Seng

Co-Founder & MD

IOT Generalist FIYOYO. Specialize in Building Maintenance ( Developer of BuildIDIot Platform )

Sunil Kumar Yadav


Siemens Smart Infrastructure, Singapore

Gaurav Burman


APAC 75F, India.

Prof. Hans Weemaes

Managing Director


Vishal Mani

Country Head

Spacewell, India.

Stephen Ho

General Manager Operational Intelligence

Oberix Group.

Ir. Dr. Tan Chee Fai

Chief Technical Officer

Robolab Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Assoc. Prof. Sekhar Kondepudi

Vice Chair

Focus Group on Smart Sustainable Cities,
International Telecommunications Union.

Bob Sharon

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Blue IoT

Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Rosdiadee Nordin

Associate Professor


Melvin Leong


Frost & Sullivan

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